Conveyancing – buying and selling property and business.

Our conveyancing team is able to assist you with the purchase or sale of residential and commercial property anywhere in Queensland.

Conveyancing is transferring ownership (legal title) of property from one person to another.  There are three main stages:

  1. Receiving a contract;
  2. Signing a contract; and
  3. Completing a contract.

We can help you cut through the paperwork and make sure that you’re not entering into a deal that you will regret later.  We offer no nonsense advice at affordable rates.  We will review the contract before you sign and advise you on any negative terms or conditions.  When we have received the signed contract, we undertake all aspects of conveyancing, which includes conducting searches, preparation of documents, negotiating with financiers and attending settlement.

We can also assist with business sales and acquisitions.  With over 38 years’ experience in conveyancing and commercial law, our head of conveyancing, Jim Reaston, has the knowledge and understanding to assist Cairns businesses in all aspect of their business dealings.

Our team will explain your matter in a straight forward manner and are always happy to assist with all queries.

We understand that “time is of the essence” and we ensure that your deal proceeds smoothly.

Our conveyancing services include:

  • Residential properties;
  • Commercial properties;
  • Off the plan developments;
  • Rural and agricultural properties; and
  • Strata and group title.