Family Violence - When Life Is Never Easy

Family violence can affect all aspects of your life.  You may have been caught in a cycle of ongoing physical or emotional abuse. You may have been isolated from friends or family. Perhaps you felt like you didn’t know where to turn.

Being in a tumultuous relationship can rock your self-confidence, and impact your entire family both physically, financially and emotionally. Many people (even close family and friends) will often not understand what you are going through.

Family Violence
Family Violence

If you have been in a violent relationship, you probably understand that family violence is not only about being fearful of your physical safety. It can also affect your psychological and emotional wellbeing. Often those closest to you know exactly how to hurt you the most – be it by threats of violence, saying derogatory things about you or criticising your role as a parent.

If you want the bad behaviour to stop, or you want to take back control of your life then you are ready to take the first step and seek advice. If nothing changes- nothing changes. We can help you get off the merry-go-round and find a better life for you and your family.

Family Violence and Children

Children who witness family violence can develop serious problems. For example, children can become withdrawn, develop behavioural problems, develop low self-esteem or their education can suffer. Some children will start copying the behaviour of the perpetrator or think that such behaviour is acceptable. The good news is that help is available. There are services that offer counselling for adults and children. You may also be eligible for income support or crisis payments, exemptions from seeking employment or from collecting child support.

Family Violence occurred to me but my partner said it was my fault for making him act like that

Family violence is never ok. It is a breach of basic human rights. It is common for a perpetrator to use intimidation, fear or financial control to manipulate his/her victim.  A perpetrator will often tell a victim that what they are doing is their fault. This is just another form of manipulation or control. Perpetrators can be become very experienced in using these tactics to destroy the self-confidence of their victim.
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Remember you are never alone. If you need more information you can be assured all appointments with us are strictly confidential and your safety is our number one concern.