Want to know the cost of a Divorce?  Need Affordable Family Law Advice?

What will it Cost? Your Investment in moving forward with your life

Are you worried about the potential cost of your family law matter? Want to know where you can get affordable family law advice?

Not getting proper legal advice may significantly affect the outcome of your matter. You may walk away with less than you were entitled to in a property matter, or end up with a custody arrangement regarding your children that is less than ideal. You don’t have to struggle through the stress of a separation or divorce on your own.


Need affordable family law advice?

You can come and see us for an initial consultation for $330 (including GST). During your appointment you can discuss your concerns with us and we will give you options and information that will help you decide what is best for you. If you are concerned about costs ask about an arrangements that best suits your needs. We can explain the various aspects of your case and suggest where you may be able to do some things yourself and areas that may be more complex where legal representation is advised.

If you have difficulty getting to our office, we can conduct appointments over the phone or by skype. If business hours are a problem, ask us about our out-of-hours appointments.   Payments can be made pay by cash, credit card, Eftpos or electronic transfer.

Don’t put off getting family law advice. Strict time limits apply in certain circumstances and your rights may be adversely affected. Don’t risk your family’s future. You can make an appointment by phoning 4031 1044 or emailing us at info@rdlawcairns.com.au.

Affordable family law advice doesn’t have to be a second rate service. It is important however to speak to an expert  who will fully understands your situation.  We can work with you to achieve your desired outcome in the way that is best for your family.


What will it cost to go to Court?

When court proceedings are involved, you will generally be given an estimate of what it will cost for each stage of your matter. For example the stages may be the first return date of your court matter, an interim hearing, conciliation conference or final hearing.

The cost of any court litigation may be significantly affected by a range of factors which differ in every case. These include

• The efficiency of obtaining instructions from you and other parties;
• The extent to which you can help provide all relevant documentation in an organised manner;
• The attitude of the other party and their lawyer;
• The complexity of the case and any research necessary; and
• The number and importance of documents required to be prepared.

Generally, it is not possible to give you an exact estimate of what it will cost when court proceedings are involved. We will however, do everything possible to ensure you are aware of the range of likely costs that may be incurred. When we provide family law advice you will always be kept advised about costs so you can make informed decisions about your case. Want to know more about saving costs in family law matters? Read our blog about how to reduce legal fees.

As a general rule, each party in family law matters must pay their own costs of going to court. The court will only make an order for costs when it believes there are special circumstances that justify it making such an order.


Have more Questions about Family Law?

Please contact us or read more helpful information about family law matters on our family law page.