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Domestic & Family Violence

Domestic violence is a breach of human rights. It occurs in relationships between spouses or intimate partners and when one person tries to control the other person.  The perpetrator uses intimidation and fear and threatens or may actually use physical violence. Domestic violence causes fear, physical and/or psychological harm.  Research shows that living with domestic… Continue Reading

Interim Spouse Maintenance

When parties have been married or lived in a de facto relationship, a party may make a claim for the other party to provide financial support in certain circumstances. The relevant sections of the Family Law Act are: • Sections 72 – Right of spouse to maintenance; • Section 74 – Power of Court in… Continue Reading

International Relocation

  I was successful in an international relocation application for a client who wanted to relocate with her child from Thursday Island to the Czech Republic. Yes, it was a lot of work but I had a dream client who worked with me. The child was 11 years of age.  Since separation, the child had lived primarily with… Continue Reading

Difference Between a Binding Financial Agreement and Consent Order

Binding Financial Agreements v Consent Orders Clients often come in to see me about a property settlement and ask about having a binding financial agreement (BFA) drawn up. When I ask why a BFA rather than consent orders, all too often their answer is – it was suggested to me by a friend/ colleague/ accountant… Continue Reading

Hague Convention on International Child Abduction

  Australia is a party to the Hague Convention on the civil aspects on international child abduction. The Convention is an international treaty, under which arrangements are made for the return of children who have been wrongfully removed from, or retained outside, their country of habitual residence. The Convention sets up a central authority in… Continue Reading

Separation Checklist

    Separating can be a very daunting time. Emotions are high and you may be worried about your financial security. Apart from seeking legal advice, there are some practical steps you can take to ensure you are not overwhelmed by the separation process. Separation Checklist Mail • Keep track of all incoming mail –… Continue Reading