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FIFO Work, Separation and Divorce – What you need to know

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Are you a FIFO worker experiencing problems in your relationship? Do you live in  Cairns but have to travel away regularly for work? Are you worried your work may be leading to your separation or divorce?

Challenges of FIFO work

When your first started your job you may have been attracted by benefits such as the potential for higher wages and extended time off. After a while however, you may have found that leaving your family for extended periods also has particular challenges.  Throw in additional factors like compressed rosters, shift work, or stressful work conditions and it’s easy to see how theses difficulties can lead to a separation.

The difficulties of working away can be exacerbated if you have children. You may see that your kids have difficulty transitioning from a single parent household to dual parent household and vice versa. Confusion can arise about who makes decisions and which role each parent plays.

Even the strongest of families can face difficult times and everyday challenges can seem magnified when you are regularly on your own.

Our team has over 50 years combined experience working in family law in North Queensland. We have seen first-hand the difficulties faced by clients who regularly work away. Be it those in the armed forces, FIFO workers, or fisherman out to sea for extended periods.

The parent away is constantly adjusting between life at work without family and a very different home life when away from work.  They will also often miss important moments and milestones in their children’s lives.

The parent at home has the challenge of providing for the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the children for extended periods on their own.

Sometimes these challenges can become too much for a relationship to continue.

FIFO workers – Life after Separation or Divorce

These days close to 1 in 3 relationships end in separation or divorce. The statistics are certainly no better with FIFO workers.
If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Just because your relationship may be at an end, doesn’t mean that your role as a parent has to be any less.

We can help you come up with an arrangement that suits your work and still lets you see your children.  It’s easy to make excuses or put off making an appointment but delay may cost you valuable time with your children. Wouldn’t you rather get help to reach an agreement that works for everyone so you can concentrate on spending time on what really matters?

For more information about separation and divorce download our eBook “How to Separate and Protect what matters most to you“.

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Contact us today to find out more. Finding it difficult to get to our office? We can offer appointments outside of business hours or via telephone/skype if needed. There really is no excuse.


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