Realised a separation is inevitable – Now What?


Are you going through a separation? Have you come to the realisation that your relationship may be over? Are you worried about how you will manage financially, or how your children will cope?

It’s common to experience these feelings. Separation can be a daunting time. Emotions are high and it’s easy to lose sleep stressing about how your future will look. There are lots of things to think about:
•Where you will live,
•How you will support you and your children,
•When the kids will see each parent,
•Do the children need to change schools?

Add to that all the day to day matters like moving house, redirecting mail, notifying Centrelink, to mention but a few. Your head is probably spinning thinking of everything you have to do. Then you have to grapple with legal issues such as property settlement, applying for child support, parenting plans or orders.


Fortunately, we can help you through the separation process so you don’t have to stress.

For more information about separation download our eBook “How to separate and protect what matters most to you“.

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